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About Literature / Hobbyist Zach BrownMale/United States Group :iconeast-kentucky-arts: East-Kentucky-Arts
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Am I a role model, broken and cold
or a memory hidden, from days of old
shining like silver, polished like gold
a brief reflection of what you once had to hold
my pain was nothing, bargained and sold
seldom investigated, the truth will unfold
rather than twisted lies, swirled and rolled
behold, a son of this world cast in a cast iron mold
to honor the structure, morality to uphold
but society's grasp left him withered and far from bold
just another story, time would have told
of another lost boy, this world could and would scold.
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Lithium Screams
Don't tell me all your problems, because I can't solve them.
I'll crumble under pressure, so don't lean on me.
I know I thought i was a super hero, and that I can't be.
But a normal fucking person shouldn't be that hard to see.
If you can cut through all my bullshit, and my fake ass pretty smile.
Then you'll see the stranger inside of me isn't worth my while.
It's been more than a little while since I've even picked up a pen.
The one thing I'll be famous for, my sins.
Is it time to start again? as I slip away into white.
Even though I closed my eyes and it was night.
The gentle beep beep beep, and the respirator machine.
Causing pandemonium in my otherwise gentle dreams.
A world filled with klonopin laughs and lithium screams.
Begging for june skies and moon beams, but caught in this december for an eternity.
Is this what I have reduced myself to be? a fallen warrior, discarded child.
Left crawling on the rocks, beside my brothers at arms.
Misunderstood, misread, mistaken for the probl
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all through school we work and work for a piece of paper, with our names on it, then we go to college where we repeat step one as many times as necessary, the more of those pieces of paper the better off you are, you know why? because it helps you get more pieces of paper, only this time they are green. so now we work and work for all that green paper we can get, until we work ourselves into a newspaper, obituary section. maybe if we spent less time worrying about the papers in life and more time thinking about life itself we'd be better off. go back to the source of that paper, look at nature, look at the trees, read the skies, and all their colors, watch the rain, feel the wind, love the world, and be thankful you are part of it, for the short time that you are. but that's not what it's all about is it, no one really lives by that, you know why? because we as humans have prevented that from ever happening, we have to worry about the money and the bills, we have to think about our nex
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Dying Love
As love lays dying on the floor beside me
my thoughts reside somewhere behind me
the thought of blue skin and cold lips
scares me in a place beyond death
lay the coins on the eyes for the last ferry ride
set to fire the soul
as the remains ignite
burn far into the distance
lighting the night
by fear we ride into the horizon
as we lock our eyes in
to the haunting, realizing thought
the future is no more
so how long do we pretend
our lives are alive not dead
but the truth lays beside me
dying on the floor
my love died here tonight
when i saw the last sight
you walking out my door
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Be the world
choose an ancient silence, choose the wind, gather forth all the knowledge standing on the ledge before we choose again, wonder mystic rainy mountains, believe in the unbelievable, know that this is what i believe it is, the reckoning of the elders on the edge of life, why have you left me wisdom? where do you go? speak again, call my name, I'm lost in this shell, this empty shell, life is lost, love is gone, wonder free my love, do you remember our summer promise, no, no you don't, you lied, damn palm trees lie like dogs eyes before the teeth slash your soul, believe it mindlessness selflessness its coming coming coming gone, but where why, why we don't know come again my friend to a timeless place timeless masterpiece, if this is art, then what is life, if this is art then where's the central theme where's the colors that I have painted for you on my blank canvas, wheres the lies wheres? the bullshit? that self proclaimed artist spew so frequently from quivering lips like lost little
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Rob Zombie by ZachBrown Rob Zombie :iconzachbrown:ZachBrown 0 0 The BUnny by ZachBrown The BUnny :iconzachbrown:ZachBrown 0 0 wolverine by ZachBrown wolverine :iconzachbrown:ZachBrown 2 0
I opened up my old scars tonight, and let a piece of me fall to the ground, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the funeral, forgiven but my mind isn't sound, the way you feel for me, the way I fell for you, it drove me to the edge, I'll give my life to memories of you,help me break my cage, help me bend these bars, sometimes I feel like jumping off a cliff, because I don't know how to fly.  
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Art, Life, Pain
Life echoing from the rooftops to the mountains above
Is this art imitating laughter
or is this pain called love
can anyone see the safety flares on the highway
if I lose it all that way
how much would you cry
if I never had spoke my heart
or told you how I loved you
would you love me today
If I never saw the starlight shining in your eyes
would my soul still be alive
or would I live without you
could I live without you
how much have you forgotten
every promise that we made
every vowel that's been said
your feelings growing dead
am I just another bridge, someday you'll set on fire
or am I valued higher
on your list of dead ends
can my heart be unbroken
or will I remain choking
on a love that wont end
I will always be with you
and I pray you're always mine
do you think now would be the time
to pause and rewind
our love
lets make it all better
lets live our love together
for the rest of time
don't let our love light die
but always let it shine
straight from your heart to your eyes
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It's a three level high genocide
kill the youth that occupy
a revolution at hand
show us your demands
you sweep the trash from your corprate lawns
but you better clean inside the house if you want the garbage gone
you laugh down at the small people
yes we are expendable in your eyes
but let it come as no surprise when the numbers rebel
then will you be able to tell who runs the country you call home
you're figure heads on silver plates
a joke a laugh is what the people say
we are a new generation of leaders
we will not follow anyone through the dark
so until you see the spark in your cold political hearts
hear the words that come confident and strong
we will show you that you are wrong
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Eternal Curse
The rats are bleeding me dry in this mausoleum
I'm sure I have viewed my last sunrise in this God forsaken land
the memory of your face pale, your hands shaking cold as i said my goodbyes
your death was on my mind for an eternity
even now as I am sheltered in death's cloak,
the shrill pain of your remembrance haunts me still
I pray to forget, I pray to never wish you were still here
I have blackened the sun with forever as I walk this cold night
forever I am dead lonely and without my love to hold
will you ever come back to me?
is anything possible in this world?
if creatures of the night can walk among us
hiding their fangs of death
and their faces of destruction
what have I become?
my human has all but gone,
and my remorse is all I have left
I have became merciless in this killing state
death is nothing now
for I know it will never come for me
but I need it now
I need you to hold me with love's sweet hands
But I will never have that again
you are gone
and I am doomed to never spend a
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You Tell me that you want to see a spark,
well it's hard to spark when you've been raised in the dark,
I get no respect from you,
so why should i give it in return,
rob me of my pride once again,
bring up all the things I've never done,
I don't need a damn piece of paper to tell me congratulations on what I've accomplished,
I don't need a university to teach me how to write,
I'll live my dreams starving until the moment for me to shine,
I'm a writer trying my hardest to get noticed,
and maybe my time won't ever come,
but I will continue speaking the verse,
until I hear I'm finally one,
one of the top, one of the preferred, of the great american poets,
until my name is a common word,
I'll write until my fingers bleed, I'll write until there is no need,
and I know that the day of my own oblivion will never come,
so I'll keep on pounding these words until my time in the sun
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werewolf in progress by ZachBrown werewolf in progress :iconzachbrown:ZachBrown 0 0 me in sixth grade by ZachBrown me in sixth grade :iconzachbrown:ZachBrown 2 0 lady by ZachBrown lady :iconzachbrown:ZachBrown 0 0


Rebel Flag by CSA61-65 Rebel Flag :iconcsa61-65:CSA61-65 6 3
I need a saviour
I need a saviour
Cause I've given into the razor
I feel so numb
I'm coming undone
And theres nothin anyone can do
I'm walkin into deaths abyss
Waiting for its cold kiss
Hopin I'll drop dead
The amount of blood I have bled
I'm holding on by just a thread
Now I see the devastation on your face
I must be a huge disgrace
Now you know my painful secret
I expect you to keep it
Cause my razor is my saviour
:icontretet:Tretet 1 0
Shadows crept in to where eaves groan
I ate my own heart so it can't be known
They'll hold a vigil, or maybe they won't
Either way, I won't let it matter or show
To whom I pray, where the weeds grow
Of what's now left to decay, what I neglect
Happy was the emotion I strived to project
But my songs were too idealistic to sing
Composed as they were by heart strings
I swear I'm not bitter
I'm just a touch jaded
Sure, it'll get better
Because they promised
It shouldn't be debated
Shadows are crowding all available space
I swallowed my tongue, I erased my face
Maybe they'll remember, or maybe forget
Either way, I won't let it sting or connect
To whom I cower,  where residue collects
On what I regret, every nerve I've plucked
Secure was the haven I meant to construct
But my tools were too damaged to be of use
They only contributed to the hue of a bruise
On what's been left to wilt, what I neglect
Hopeful was the current I wept to protect
But my words proved too needy to entice
And Love
:iconbackasswardsk:backasswardsK 7 0
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I am just a guy who likes to draw and write. published by the age of 13, and in various books throughout my teenage years. Coming soon is a book of just my poems, I'll keep everyone updated on the release date. -Zach Brown



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